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Two Thirds of all Fly Tipping Comes from Standard Household Waste


Fly tipping is a serious criminal offence for which you can be prosecuted. It is defined as the "illegal deposit of any waste onto land that does not have a licence to accept it"

Tipping a mattress, electrical items or black bags of rubbish in the street is a nuisance and illegal and you are risking potentially being fined up to £50,000. It isn't worth the risk!!

Skip hire isn't cheap but recycling isn't a cheap industry to operate in. Landfilling is no longer a long term option - tax alone is nearly £100 per tonne! It is not environmentally or financially viable for waste companies to use landfills anymore.

The recycling process which is the alternative to landfilling waste is expensive though. Machines such as trommels, optical sorters, magnets, blowers, shredders and crushers are all necessary equipment for various stages of the recycling processes but these are not cheap to buy or to run. This capital outlay is reflected in the cost of skip hire.

If a company offers to take your waste and the price quoted seems much cheaper than a skip or much cheaper than alternative quotes then I would be extremely suspicious as to where the waste is ending up. The person creating the waste has the overall responsibility for where the waste ends up so to avoid problems in the future please use a licenced waste disposal outlet.  

Councils have to deal with over a million incidences of fly tipping a year already and with the closures and restrictions on household recycling centres the number of incidences is expected to increase even more.

This is one of the reasons why skip companies/waste management firms are designated as key workers. Firstly we need to keep the waste created by the country moving. Waste that is piled up or left to sit in piles for weeks on end is dangerous to the environment and is a fire risk. Waste in piles gets warm and the inside temperature of waste piles can get so hot that the waste will literally set itself on fire. This is why you have seen so many fires in recycling firms over the last 18 months or so and is why the commercial waste outlets need to remain open so that the waste can be constantly moved along the recycling process at all times.

Secondly waste that is left in a pile for a long period of time starts to decompose which creates unpleasant smells and attracts vermin. To avoid the local nuisance of vermin outbreaks and unpleasant odours ensure your skip is filled as quickly as possible and once ready to collect inform your skip company and ask them to collect the skip as soon as they can. 

Do not risk prosecution and a criminal record. Dispose of your waste in an environmentally friendly manner using a licenced skip hire or waste management company. At the very least the company you use needs to have an Environmental permit or waste management licence (Bradwells Waste Licence) and if collecting your waste they must have a valid waste carriers licence. (Bradwells Carriers Licence)

If you have waste to get rid of either at work or at home then please dispose of it responsibly. You can find out more information on our skips sizes and prices and services at our website.